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About ITT Council, Delhi

About ITT Council, Delhi

ITT COUNCIL, Delhi is a registered under Government of India, working in the field of Appointing vocational trainings Center related to Computers, Accounting, Technical Education and Entrepreneurship Development. Provide Education in Information and Technical Education and its related activity in India and out of India Also ITT COUNCIL, Delhi Take Online and offline Examination and provide Diploma, Short Term, Long Term, Courses and Degrees for Completion of IT and Technical Education and establish Education Campus.ITT COUNCIL, Delhi has taken up the initiative to promote local entrepreneurs to set up institute for providing vocational trainings to the students for their skill development.

Great philosopher & scientist of all time Albert Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited ,imagination encircles the world".These words of great visionary inspired us to start our board Information Technology and Technical Education Council (ITT COUNCIL, Delhi) Registration under Government of India with CIN - U7499DL2016NPL299102. The top management of ITT COUNCIL, Delhi continuously strives for providing new opportunities to its centers as well to its students. Keeping pace with fast changing education and economic scenario as well as the market demand.

ITT COUNCIL, DELHI is a NPL and a registered under government of India. The promoters and the members of the ITT COUNCIL, DELHI includes academicians and professionals. The ITT COUNCIL, DELHI is chaired by and founder of ITT COUNCIL, DELHI N. A. Pathan and Co-Founder I. A. Pathan. OUR JOURNEY TOWARDS PURSUIT TO PERFECTION During the short span of just over a decade ITT COUNCIL, Delhi has proved itself as a premier council in the field of IT Education and Technical Education& Training by providing Job Oriented Diploma, short and long term courses in both software and Hardware fields. For high quality curriculum and study material ITT COUNCIL, DELHI has been awarded an International Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 from Australia and New Zealand . Today we have got very extensive and wide network of authorized training centers.

POLICIES TOWARDS QUALITY We at our end are very particular and sincere about the policies towards quality of our overall system. Be it about the quality education or about the continuous support to our valuable franchisee partners it matters us a lot. We have very clear cut policies and guidelines for keeping up-to-date to our standards and level of study programs without any compromise. As far as our study programs and material are concerned we have Zero tolerance policy.

• Promote entrepreneurship
• Impart trainings in the field of computer, Accounting, EDP etc.
• Create awareness regarding Information Technology among school students.
• Provide Job-OrientedDiploma and short-term trainings to unemployed youth.
• Assist the students of backward communities in developing vocational skills.
• Provide EDP trainings to employed as well as unemployed youth in association with government or semi-government bodies.

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