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Details Groups of Accounts Part 3,

Details Groups of Accounts Part 3,  

8.  Miscellaneous Expenses (Asset) - This group is typically used for legal disclosure requirements such as Schedule VI of the Indian Companies Act. It should hold incorporation and pre-operative expenses. Companies would write off a permissible portion of the account every year. A balance remains to an extent that cannot be written off in Profit & Loss Account. Tally does not show loss, carried forward in the Profit & Loss Account, under this group. The Profit & Loss Account balance is displayed separately in the Balance Sheet.

9.  Branch/Divisions - This maintains ledger accounts of all your company’s branches, divisions, affiliates, sister concerns, subsidiaries and so on. Tally permits Sales and Purchase transactions to take place with accounts opened here. Remember, these are their accounts in your books and not their books of accounts. Just treat them as any other party account. If you wish to maintain the books of a branch/division on your computer, you must open a separate company. (Tally allows maintenance of multiple company accounts).
Revenue — Primary Groups

10.  Sales Account - You can classify your sales accounts based on Tax slabs or type of sales. This also becomes a simple mechanism for preparation of Tax returns.


·     Sales GST @  5%, 12%, 18 % &, 28% etc.

·     Sales Exempted & Sales accounts

You can even open an account as Sales Returns under the group Domestic Sales to view your net sales after returns (or the returns may be directly passed through Journal against the specific Sales account).

11. Purchase Account - This is primary group & can open ledger accounts of all purchases account of the company.


  •  Purchases GST @  5%, 12%, 18 % &, 28% etc.

12. Direct Income [Income Direct]  - These are Non-trade income accounts that affect Gross Profit. All trade income accounts fall under Sales Accounts. You may also use this group for accounts like Servicing, Contract Charges that follow sales of equipment.

For a professional services company, you may not use Sales Account group at all. Instead, open accounts like Professional Fees under this group.

13. Indirect Income [Income Indirect] - These are miscellaneous non-sale income accounts. Example: Rent Received and Interest Received.

14. Direct Expenses [Expenses Direct] - These are Manufacturing or direct trading expenses. These accounts determine the Gross Profit of the company.

15. Indirect Expenses [Expenses Indirect] - All administrative, selling or non-direct expenses.

Profit & Loss Account  is a reserved primary account in Tally. You can use this account to pass adjustment entries through journal vouchers. For example, transfer of profit or loss account to Capital or Reserve account.

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