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Create New Company in Tally.ERP9

Create New Company in Tally.ERP9

Creating a New Company  - From The Company Info. Menu  
Select the Option Create Company by Pressing “C” Key or double Clicking at 
Create Company Option

Enter Create Company Filling the Form Following Step by Step

Enter the name of the company
Mailing Name
It displays the Company Name by default. You may change it as required, if the mailing name is different from the Company Name.
Enter the Company Address
Statutory compliance for
Selecting India from the List of Countries.
You can select  from the list.
PIN Code
Specify the PIN Code (Postal Index Number) of the specified address.
Enter the Telephone Number and Mobile No.
E-mail Address
Enter the E-mail address that will be used to e-mail documents, reports and data from Tally.
Currency symbol is the symbol of the base currency,
Tally displays a drop down for the Type of Company with two options
Accounts only and
Accounts with Inventory.
Select Accounts only -  if you do not have any inventory transactions 
Accounts-with-Inventory - To maintain both financial accounts and inventory.
Financial Year From
Specify the date of beginning of financial year for this company. If you specify 01/04/2016 as the date, your financial year will be April to March
Books Beginning From
Specify here the date from which you actually want tally to maintain your accounts. By Default the  same date for beginning for financial year is taken, but you may give any other date which is late to the date of beginning of financial year.
Tally Vault Password
Tally Vault is an enhanced security system, which allows for encryption of the company data. Encryption involves converting normally accessible Tally information into unrecognisable information, which can only be reconverted by authorised persons.

Give a password here and repeat the same in the Repeat field. This basically results in the creation of an encrypted mpany whose information is not accessible to users other than the password holder.
Use Security Control?
This to Yes, if you want to initiate a password-protected to Tally data.
If you have Enter the “Yes” Option

Name of  Administrator  - “User Name”
Password – “Enter the Regular Password”
Repeat Password
Use Tally Audit Features
Type No
Base Currency Information
Base Currency Symbol
Press Enter
Formal Name
Press Enter
Number of decimal places
Press Enter
Is Symbol SUFFIXED to Amounts
Press Enter
Symbol for Decimal Portion
Press Enter
Show Amount in Millions ?
Press Enter
Put a SPACE Between Amount and Symbol
Press Enter
Decimal Places for Printing Amounts in Words
Press Enter
Accepts Yes Or No. 
Press Enter

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